Team Introduction

We are a biotechnology company focusing on the development of gene editing drugs in vivo, and have core technology and product advantages in the field of gene editing. The team is led by outstanding scientists in the field of global gene editing research and development, and experts with rich experience in international industrial operation, and has set up R&D centers in Beijing, Hong Kong and Boston.


With the cooperation of a group of scientists with highly complementary working backgrounds and pharmaceutical industry talents, the team has certain competitive advantages in many aspects such as technical expertise, research and development experience and achievement transformation.


On the basis of 70 members of staff, the outstanding talents of the whole industry chain are continuously introduced, and the milestone objectives are clear. Relying on the existing R&D pipeline, new topics and opportunities are constantly explored.

Founders: Academic & Industrial compound team 

Zongli ZHENG


Co-Founder,  Chairman


Tian ZHU